Winter is coming!

The nights are cooler now and the leaves have started to fall. Autumn is here and we know what is coming: Winter.
This means chilly days to go with the cold nights, condensation on the windows, and sniffly noses.


There are a few things that can be done to combat the cold and the colds that winter brings, and getting your house ready for the colder temperatures is essential.

Ideally, all houses in our climate should have insulation, double glazing with thermally broken window frames, an underfloor moisture barrier where necessary, and thermally lined curtains that touch the floor.
All of these measures help greatly to improve the living standard in a house, reduce the power and heating bills, and keep the kids healthy throughout winter. 

These measures are the basics for a warm, comfortable, and healthy home, and a group of Otago Polytechnic students are tasked with designing a house that can combine all of them with measures that will also make the house climate-safe. This means it should be transportable, modular, affordable, accessible and able to be used on and off-grid.
We are looking forward to hearing their thoughts on how to combine all of this – housing is important for all of us, and exploring new ideas is so exciting!