Project Management

Scott Willis – I’m the Manager of the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust and a father, and I invest all my and my team’s efforts in creating local climate solutions. We have a clear strategic plan to facilitate a positive, healthy, secure and resilient future and we work hard to achieve it. Climate change is with us now and we must do our best with the resources at hand to prepare for a very challenging future. And we must work together better and more often, because community is at the heart of our solutions.

Camilla Cox – Camilla volunteers at BRCT. Her background in policy and having worked for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has given her a desire to work on real solutions informed by good strategy and planning. 

Design and Communication

Tobias Danielmeier – Tobias teaches and researches sustainable architecture in the School of Design at Otago Polytechnic. He was instrumental in the First Light House – the first Southern Hemisphere entry into the Solar Decathlon. He is also interested in performative architecture – a combination of how a building works functionally and in telling stories. 

Chris Fersterer – Chris has a passion for ‘micro’ architecture. As Senior Lecturer for the Bachelor of Design (Interiors) programme at Otago Polytechnic, his current research explores what can be achieved in relatively small spaces. “My study into micro dwelling uses shipping containers,” he says. “Basically, I am looking at ways we can live with a smaller footprint, using design to deliver more for less.”

Colleen Fay – Col is an Interiors Lecturer who teaches studio and theory papers at Otago Polytechnic. Her passion for interior design is based around the understanding of space as an interactive relationship between the human body and the environment.

Tom Clark – Tom is a Dunedin based systems administrator and software developer. He works as a devops engineer for Runawayplay and is active in the New Zealand open source community. In addition to his commercial work, Tom provides pro bono IT support to Climate Safe House and other community projects.

Martin Kean – Martin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design, Otago Polytechnic. He supports the design and WordPress management of this website, and specialises in design for mobile, web, and print. He is a keen open source advocate and proposes a return to open publishing.

Gerry Thompson – Gerry’s business ‘Eclectic Home Designs’ is based in Waitati. “I have recently become interested in the design of houses using Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology. From my background as a Civil Engineer and my continuing interest in sustainable house design, I consider SIP technology has a promising future for house design.”

Industry Support

Chris McArthur – Chris is Strategic Account Manager for Enphase Energy in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Enphase is responsible for producing the world’s first commercially available microinverter in 2008, since then shipping around 15 million microinverters. Headquartered in California, Enphase Energy’s largest international engineering facility is based in Christchurch. With more than 15 years experience in the energy sector in New Zealand and overseas, Chris draws on a deep understanding of the local energy market to support Enphase’s fast-growing network of solar installers nationwide. A certified Project Manager and Partnership Practitioner with prior roles in resources, conservation, biofuels and in offshore solar markets, Chris has advised government and business on a broad range of issues pursuant to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Non-profit Support

Jordana Whyte – Jordana is the Project Manager of Cosy Homes, a nonprofit organisation that coordinates all warm/healthy homes work across Otago. The Climate Safe House Project is aligned with Cosy Homes’ mission of making all homes warm and cosy by 2025, as well as objectives regarding reducing fuel poverty. With a background in affordable housing development, Jordana understands the need for housing to be affordable, healthy and safe.

Community and Volunteer Support

Sandy Gorman – Sandy is a South Dunedin Resident and a busy wife and mother of three. As a Practice nurse, she is aware not only of health issues but the complexity of housing and social issues that affect  South Dunedin. She feels that the community itself must be at the heart of climate change solutions and is keen to work with others to help resolve climate related difficulties and deliver positive social and environmental solutions. Sandy volunteers for BRCT to work on the ClimateSafeHouse project.

Dave Littleton – [bio to follow]. 

Advisory Board

Robert Linterman – Robert is General Manager Residential at New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). He leads a small team to drive the New Zealand Government’s residential energy efficiency programmes and manage the insulation programme, Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes. Robert has brought considerable private sector experience to EECA’s residential energy efficiency programmes. He has a background re-engineering troubled businesses in the following sectors: property, dairy, clothing and footwear, and engineering companies. This experience has helped EECA develop an innovative funding model where Government partners with business and community funders so insulation can be provided at no cost to eligible households. 

Dr Caroline OrchistonCaroline is a natural hazards social scientist at the Centre for Sustainability at the University of Otago.  She has a background in earth science, and has been involved in post-disaster tourism recovery and community resilience research in New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest of the USA, and is co-leading a climate change adaptation project with Dr. Janet Stephenson (Centre for Sustainability) focussing on responses to future sea level rise in South Dunedin.

Jenny Coatham – Jenny is currently completing a conjoint Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Arts (majoring in politics) at the University of Otago. She has been an active member of Generation Zero – a youth oriented climate action organisation – for the past two years, and is currently a leadership team member in Dunedin. Her main focus during her time with Generation Zero included policy submissions, local government campaigning, administration, and environmental law.

Councillor Jim O’Malley – [bio to follow]