Is your house making you sick?

 In a recent paper the Royal Australasian College of Physicians called on politicians to improve unhealthy housing in New Zealand. The college’s New Zealand president, Auckland cardiologist Jonathan Christiansen, said doctors were treating patients who are struggling with preventable illnesses every day.”Cold, old, damp and mouldy houses directly links to poor health through respiratory illnesses, and those illnesses affect vulnerable groups in our society like children and elderly people and can exacerbate their other health conditions” (RadioNZ, 10. August 2017).

This is what the ClimateSafeHouse Project is all about. Most houses in New Zealand suffer from issues such as cold, dampness or mould and mildew, and for houses built in flood hazard zones these issues will become even more pronounced in the future. Rising damp, a lack of insulation and too much or too little ventilation all contribute to houses which can sometimes be more uncomfortable and unhealthy to live in than staying in a tent. 

We aim to design a ClimateSafeHouse that is warm and healthy, accessible, transportable, modular and as sustainable as possible, so going home is something to look forward to.