Climate change: what to do?

As our Dunedin City Council considers what projects to prioritise over the next 10 years during Long Term Plan deliberations it is useful to consider what we can do.  Climate change is here and we have entered the Long Emergency.  Already we can participate and co-create a more resilient local electricity network ( for Dunedin’s Northern Districts, through to Ranfurly, Middlemarch and down to Beaumont and Owaka (but not Dunedin city as yet).  We also need to adapt our housing.  For that reason at the Trust we are working on #ClimateSafeHousing (  Individual action is important too, but we can really make a difference when collectively we invest in solutions.  So let’s keep an eye on what comes out of the Dunedin City Council’s Long Term Plan discussions this week.

This Listener Article is a timely summary of Nine things you need to know about climate change.