Building Resilience


This Monday the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust held a workshop in Waitati titled Building Community Resilience. Eugenie Sage MP gave a presentation on her experiences surviving the Christchurch earthquakes and what she thought would be helpful for increasing community resilience in preparation for an emergency event. This was followed by a brainstorming session on how to apply this to the setting in Blueskin Bay. One of the issues raised repeatedly was the need for council approved climate safe and warm and healthy housing options – exactly what we’ve been working on!

It’s great to see all the interest in this project and to be able to get community input and ideas, so if you have any ideas or questions we would like to hear from you – what do you think about the options open to us in terms of preparedness for climate change and sea level rise? Is it a good idea to continue bolting our houses to the ground and risking the loss of this investment if the water rises, or should we be looking at other options? How can we make sure all members of our communities can live in a warm, healthy home without having to fear the next flood event? How can we ensure that we can keep living in the communities we feel part of, even if circumstances change?